Gateway Project delays frustrating drivers

Gateway Project delays frustrating drivers

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Drivers are dodging even more potholes, and at one entrance to downtown, many would call it an embarrassment.

If you are coming off of Interstate 75 north or off the Anthony Wayne Trail, you will get your first view of downtown.

"It's pretty rough," said Olivia Ott, who drives regularly into downtown Toledo. "I know my car makes funny noises when I go over it."

Just take the downtown exit and you'll come around the bend and notice the bumping almost right away.

As you get closer to the first light at East Lafayette Street it gets worse. There are big potholes that city crews were forced to fill Tuesday morning.

Drivers like Olivia have had enough.

"Especially since there are a lot of people coming downtown now and there's going to be the ProMedica thing. It's an image thing for Toledo," she added.

WTOL 11 looked into what happened to the Erie Street Gateway Project that was designed for the city years ago.

Plans had called for the current road to be relocated and safer for drivers. Landscaping and public artwork added to the area would make it a true gateway that would make residents proud.

"It needs to be revamped and updated to present the right image," said Dave Dysard, an administrator with the city's Division of Engineering Services.

We learned that the project has been delayed because there were utility issues and it took longer to acquire the right of way.

Instead of construction beginning next month, it won't start until June.

Dysard says despite this delay, the project will happen and will revitalize the gateway to downtown.

"So that has been an important concern for a long time so that's what we want to accomplish with this project," Dysard said. "We want to change the gateway, we want to change people's perception of our region."

Filling the potholes will get the city through the delay and drivers are being asked to be patient during that time.

The current road will stay open when the new road is built.

Construction is expected to begin in June and be finished by the fall.

Dysard said the complete project will be done by next year.

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