Toledo refugee resettlement group reacts to President's new travel ban

Toledo refugee resettlement group reacts to President's new travel ban

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - President Trump's newly signed travel ban, his answer to the one that was rejected in the courts, will have an impact on a local group that resettles refugees. Iraq is no longer included, but it will still be controversial.

The Toledo-based group US Together helps re-settle refugees into the Toledo-area. It was strongly against the President's previous ban.

Its leaders have mixed feelings about the new one. There's a 90-day ban on issuing new visas to people from Syria, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia.

Iraq is now not banned and Syrian refugees will no longer be banned indefinitely, like in the original order.

A 120-day halt to the refugee program will apply to Syria and the other five countries. Syria is no longer subject to additional delays.

Corine Dehabey, Program Director for Us Together, said the President should be applauded for those changes. She is out of town but said by phone that the organization still opposes the ban and they are worried it could be extended beyond what the President is calling for.

"It's going to effect the families and it's going to stop. For example, for the Syrians, if they are not allowed to come anymore, then the families are not going to be reunited with their family members, so we're back to square one," Dehabey said.

Us Together has some families in the pipeline to come to Toledo, but none were scheduled to arrive this week.

Prominent Republicans are supporting the new travel ban while Democrats called it dangerous and Un-American.

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