TPD K9s search Whitmer High School for drugs, none found

TPD K9s search Whitmer High School for drugs, none found

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Six K9 Toledo police officers and their police dogs surprised teachers and students during a random drug search of Whitmer High School Monday morning.

Students were on lock down, which meant they were kept inside the classroom to learn, while Toledo police dogs put their noses to the ground.

"We searched various locations of the building," said Kristie Martin, Whitmer High School principal. "Lockers, locker rooms, some certain areas of the building that we thought were high traffic."

In what every principal and school resource officer wants to hear, no drugs were found on the Whitmer High School campus during Monday's search.

Martin says the school district doesn't require these searches to be done; it's something she wanted to do. On purpose, she didn't tell parents or her staff exactly when the search would take place.

"My job obviously as a principal is to keep our students safe and our building drug-free, and some people might ask 'Do you have a drug problem?' Well, I think any drugs in schools are a problem," said Martin.

A random drug search hasn't been done in two years, but Martin says the wants to do it at least twice a year.

"It would be very healthy for the school. That will keep everybody on their toes," said Officer Israel Garrett, Whitmer's school resource officer.

Officer Garrett works the hallways, gaining kids' trust and protecting them. He's been a school resource officer for one-and-a-half years, but worked undercover for nearly 10 in a drug task force.

He says it was necessary that parents weren't told about the drug search.

"We believe that most of the parents are good people, but everyone now and then, there's someone who might not be as honest or foregoing as others,
so we have to keep that as a surprise so that it would be effective," said Garrett.

Martin says they have had some instances with drugs this year, but not a large amount.

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