Is Lucas County the most dangerous place in Ohio?

Is Lucas County the most dangerous place in Ohio?

(WTOL) - It's a year-old article, that could be popping up on your Facebook newsfeed, a claim from a website that Lucas County is the most dangerous place in Ohio. It caught our attention, so we went digging into whether the label is in fact, true.

The claim was originally made in an article on, dated March 1, 2016. The article was recently shared again on social media, and it has folks wondering, is Lucas County really the most dangerous place in Ohio?

Councilmember Rob Ludeman says the short answer, is no.

"I've been in the city of Toledo my whole life, and I think it's one of the safest places in the country, to be honest with you," he said. attributes the claim to The website says it has quote "The most detailed info on over 105 million for-sale and off-market homes." sources the FBI 2014 uniformed crime report. WTOL 11 dug through those stats and found there were 3,068 violent crimes in Toledo - compare that to 5,186 in Cleveland.

Toledo's number did tick up by about a hundred in 2015 - compare the full stats here.

Councilmember Ludeman says, an article like this is also concerning for him when it comes to his day job as a real estate agent. Because the website has "home" in the name, the article could pop up if people are searching for homes in the Toledo area.

"That bothers me, and I would ask our law department to look into what some of the possibilities are to address this," he said. "And I do want to address this with the Toledo Regional Association of Realtors for them to look into it, because obviously, we don't want that to affect the business."

We reached out about its finding and will keep you updated.

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