Unusual winter weather prompts changes to lawn care

HOLLAND, OH (WTOL) - The unusual warm weather has made garden centers busier this time of year than years past.

"We had a lot of foot traffic into the store from customers that are ready for spring, and being that it's February in Ohio, they're wondering what they can do," said Jenny Amstutz, store manager at Nature's Corner.

Amstutz said it's too soon to plant new trees and shrubs outside and that April would be safer time to start doing that.

According to Amstutz, mole repellent had been a popular sale in the last two weeks. The ground never froze hard so moles stay closer to the surface, and people with sandy soils are seeing activity, which is causing a lot of damage to their lawns.

"Applying this now with the warm weather and rain would be very beneficial. The product needs to be watered in to be most effective," Amstutz said.

Year after year, annuals in early May tend to be their most popular sold item.

Amstutz advises that people remain patient despite seeing warm temperatures right now.

"Designing and planning is one thing, but actually doing the planting, I would wait," she said because it's a possibility that we could get a hard frost causing damage to plants.

"People come in here because of our knowledgeable staff," Amstutz said. "People just need confidence. You just got to give it a shot. We'll show you the right plant for the right place. We will not set you up for failure."

Nature's Corner is also hiring people to join their landscape crew, doing landscape renovations and creative installations.

For more information, how to apply, or store hours, head to Nature's Corner website.

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