UT receives $800k towards campus renovations

UT receives $800k towards campus renovations

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A state representative announced Friday a Toledo university would receive over a half a million dollars in state funds.

State Rep. Michael Ashford announced the University of Toledo will receive $800,000 in state funds towards campus renovations Friday. The state funds were approved earlier this week by a state Board.

The funds will go towards projects that will upgrade technology and waterproof campus buildings.

"As information technology rapidly advances, it is critical for our universities to maintain a modern learning environment that can deliver a first-class education to Ohio's next generation of innovators," said Ashford. "I am pleased the state is partnering with the University of Toledo to invest in technologies that will keep them competitive in the 21st century."

The university will contract with Sylvania-based Stough and Stough Architects LLC.

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