Local pedal pub busy for opening weekend

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The HandleBar Toledo is kicking off its season for the year 2017 Saturday and according to owners of the 16-passenger pedal pub business, they are already busy for the weekend.

"We were able to start things up last year in September 2016. We had a great start last fall. We did more tours than we expected and now we're hoping to build on that momentum this year," said Tom Van Wingen, co-owner of The HandleBar Toledo.

The business first hit the streets of downtown Sept. 22, 2016 with two pedal pubs.

The way it works is people rent out the pedal pub for a two-hour tour and people can bring their own beverages on board including beer, wine and other non-alcoholic drinks. There are ten seats where people can pedal and six where people can simply just enjoy the ride.

"So anybody can do this. It doesn't require athleticism or skill," Van Wingen said.

The Handlebar Toledo team includes four team members who run the business and drive the pedal pubs. The pedal pub rides through downtown and uptown Toledo otherwise known as the entertainment district.

"Once you're onboard the pedal pub you can legally drink alcohol. You become exempted from the open container laws," he said. "Alcohol stays on the bike at all times."

To sign up, you can visit The HandleBar Toledo website.

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