Toledo man charged with federal drug trafficking

Toledo man charged with federal drug trafficking

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A local man has been charged with federal drug trafficking, officials say this happened at Club Kingdom on Airport Highway.

Neighbors hope this finally brings some peace, after being kept up until 4:30 in the morning by the activity surrounding the night club.

Carol Loth, a neighbor of Club Kingdom, said, "We thought when the FBI raided it before that it would be shut down and they said no parties, no nothing, and I thought okay, and then they started right back up."

Almost exactly a year ago, the FBI raided Club Kingdom. Authorities seized a gun and drugs. But neighbors say the club still has been just as troublesome for them.

The Toledo Metro Drug Task Force, FBI and IRS yesterday arrested and charged, Corneilus Henry, 43, with 45 counts of conspiring to traffic heroin and cocaine. Prosecutors if convicted, they plan to seize the property.

"We don't want these gangs coming through there," Loth said. "We don't want the shooting and stuff like that. We told them if they had a restaurant, family restaurant, but not this other."

Neighbors hope this arrest makes their streets quiet and safe again.

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