Record number of concealed carry permits issued in Ohio

Record number of concealed carry permits issued in Ohio

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A record number of concealed carry permits for handguns were issued and renewed in the state of Ohio in 2016.

The owner of a gun training center in Oregon, Ski's Firearm Training & Consulting, Tom Urbanski interacts with people every day to help them get their CCW.

He says he is not surprised by the numbers. He thinks the country is in a pro-gun mood right now.G

He said the spike may also have a lot to do with the political climate.

"There was a big spike when Mr. Obama threatened new background controls back in April of last year," Urbanski said. "I went from being booked about two weeks ahead to being booked two months ahead."

Urbanski says normally when a Democrat is in office, gun laws become stricter and he sees more business.

In November, he saw a d rop off after President Donald Trump's election. However, it did not last long.

"You're getting people criticized for their race, their religious preferences, that's causing some fear that there may be riots in the street," Urbanski said. "And I think that may be driving part of what I am seeing right now."

A total of 159,000 concealed carry licenses were either issued or renewed in 2016. That beat the previous state record by almost 15,000.

And most of these Urbanski's clients tell him it is because they want the ability to protect themselves.

"I don't know that crime problems have gone up, it's just the reporting has increased," Urbanski said. "These people are hearing more about it, and they're frightened. They need to have their own means of self-defense."

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