UT health care students get training on Narcan administration

UT health care students get training on Narcan administration

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Dozens of health care students at the University of Toledo are getting some real-life training, in hopes of saving lives some day in the heroin epidemic we're facing.

It's a scene that's unfortunately played out in northwest Ohio, a heroin overdose in a parked car, with a baby in the backseat. It's just one of the real-life scenarios that the health care students are being trained with.

Thirty-five students were trained Thursday, plus another 37 last week on how to properly administer the overdose antidote, Narcan.

"Unfortunately, we see a lot of this in our community right now and we want to make sure the students are aware and knowledgeable on how to administer it properly, but also intervene when necessary and know what steps to take afterwards," said manager of Clinical & Surgical Operations for the University of Toledo Simulation Center.

UT worked with the Lucas County Health Department for the training.

Students will work in groups, using life-like mannequins to help revive a person from an overdose.

"We want them to work as a team, because at the end of the day. Taking care of a patient, whether it's at a hospital setting or in the community, it's going to take a team," said Alvarado.

The University plans to schedule more of these training sessions in the future.

First, with more students and faculty, and down the road with members of the community.

"They can walk away with more confidence and the knowledge to hopefully take care of someone in this situation, or unfortunately a loved one," said Alvarado.

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