Toledo, Ottawa Hills debated to do with narrow stretch of Secor Rd.

Toledo, Ottawa Hills debated to do with narrow stretch of Secor Rd.
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OTTAWA HILLS, OH (WTOL) - For many years, drivers have squeezed down a narrow four-lane stretch of Secor Road.

Car horns and near misses are the norm on the stretch of road between Bancroft North to Central.

The stretch is shared by Toledo and Ottawa Hills.

Both cities have completed traffic studies with similar conclusions.

"There are a lot of automobile accidents on that street, much more than you would expect," said Marc Thompson, Village Manager of Ottawa Hills. "And number two that there are certain ways to address those accidents and reduce the accidents."

An emphasis on the Ottawa Hills study was to find out whether condensing the road to three lane would alleviate the issues.

But that idea was considered ineffective. But there are other options that could prove effective.

"Widening the road, putting some kind of decider in the road so that north and south bound traffic have a physical barrier," Thompson suggested.

From a safety aspect, this idea is likely the best bet. However, that would mean tearing down homes to create extra space.

"The loss of houses means the loss of some citizens and it means loss of tax revenue," Thompson said. "Public safety is also a critical issue and the village council has the job of trying to balance those factors."

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