UT hopes to gain more students with strategic plan

UT hopes to gain more students with strategic plan

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The University of Toledo is getting input on their five-year strategic plan with the goals of retaining more students, getting more students to enroll and getting national recognition for their research areas.

They say getting the community's input is key to their success.

The university's strategic planning committee is hosting this information session so the community can see their five-year plan and offer their input on how it takes shape.

The plan includes specific targets for enrollment numbers, research funding amounts and student engagement in the community.

University's new provost says of all the schools he has worked at, he is the most impressed with the way the Toledo community embraces this campus.

"Toledo is a great place," provost said Andrew Hsu. "I've been to several universities in several cities and none has been so supportive to their university as Toledo. And so we're hoping to enhance that partnership with our city."

The planning committee will take some of the input received at the meeting to incorporate into their final version of their strategic plan.

Officials will present a final plan to the board of trustees in June for approval.

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