TPS Superintendent Dr. Durant signs on for more years

TPS Superintendent Dr. Durant signs on for more years

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant, Toledo Public Schools, is signing on for several more years with the district.

Dr. Durant became superintendent back in December 2013 with a five-year contract.

Wednesday, he says he agreed to three more for a total of eight years.


He says Toledo is his home.

Dr. Durant mapped out a plan years ago that he was going to be superintendent one day, and he says his discipline in athletics has helped him captain the TPS team.

While superintendent, Dr. Durant helped add a full-time nurse in all school buildings, and this past state report card awarded an A to his students progress
based on past performance.

What is he most proud of?

"The collective work of the district and the collective work of the community, cause you only get collective impact with collective work and the district has opened its doors in embracing opportunities to work with other agencies," said Dr. Durant.

With positives, of course, come negatives.

For example, TPS received several F's on the state report card, including when it comes to getting struggling readers in kindergarten through the third grade up to a proficient reading level.

Dr. Durant says his ultimate goal is that the city of Toledo require that kids attend preschool, so fewer kids are unprepared when they enter kindergarten.

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