Money Talks News: Dress for less

Money Talks News - The average American woman will spend about $1,000 on clothes each year; the average man will spend about half that amount.

But there are plenty of ways to dress for less.

First and foremost, if you haven't touched an article of clothing in a year, take it to a consignment shop.

When it sell, put half the money in a savings account and use the rest to buy yourself something that is new to you.

"I have a client who brought in a bunch of business suits, she had lost a lot of weight," said Ricky Rizzuto from a store called Out of the Closet. "She came in and picked up a check for $298."

Another good way to save is shop thrift stores.

You may think they are all worn out, but you would be wrong in many cases.

"You can get a pair of designer jeans, which are these Lucky Brand Jeans for $12.99," Rizzuto said.

If you do want to buy new, buy out of season.

So if you want a coat, buy it in July. If you want a bathing suit and shorts, buy it in January.

Another tip is to avoid paying retail.

Always search online or through your mail for coupons.

Another important tip is do not wash your clothes more often than you have. If you do, your clothes will wear out faster.

"They actually chemically set your stains into your clothes, it's a chemical process," Rizzuto said.

Also avoid drying your clothes. It increases your electric bill and it shortens the life of your clothes.

Hanging your clothes on a clothesline a better option.

For more tips on saving money on clothes, head to the Money Talks News website.

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