Testing requirements changing for Ohio students

Testing requirements changing for Ohio students

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - This year high school juniors will have to take another standardized test at school, the SAT.

While they are taking another test, students will not have to pay for this one.

With graduation requirements changing for the class of 2018, another change is coming.

They will now have to take the SAT during a normal school day in the spring.

The Ohio Graduation Test is out and the Ohio State Test is in. That means current juniors and students below them will have to sharpen their pencils for more testing, but that's raising concern.

"I think parents are concerned about the rigor in terms of the OST because they are quite rigorous compared to our Ohio Graduation Test," said
Jim Gault, executive transformational leader of curriculum and instruction for Toledo Public Schools. "Also, there has been a concern from parents about over testing."

In addition to the new Ohio State Test, juniors across the state will have to take the ACT or SAT while at school.

While most districts use the ACT, TPS will use the SAT for their nearly 1,800 juniors.

"We elected to take the SAT because we give the PSAT, which is a predictor in tenth grade and in eighth grade," explained Gault. "We use those
results to scaffold our instruction to enable our students to perform higher. It didn't make sense for Toledo Public Schools to give the PSAT in the eighth and tenth grade level and then switch over to the ACT."

The test used to cost students nearly 50 dollars, but the State of Ohio will foot that bill allowing all juniors to take the college entrance exam free of charge.

At TPS, only junior students will report to school on April 5th while the others have the day off for the testing. Teachers will administer the three-and-a-half-hour test.

"We do believe that since this is a high stakes test and student's graduation depends on it that we have to make the necessary adjustments in order to ensure that every student has an optimal test environment," said Jim Gault.

Toledo Public Schools says they have free training for the SAT to help their students be best prepared for the additional testing this spring.

TPS will have an informational video for parents and guardians available later this week.

They will also send home letters to families informing them of the changes happening statewide.

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