Senator Sherrod Brown brings pizza shop owner to Congress

Senator Sherrod Brown brings pizza shop owner to Congress

(WTOL) - Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio will be one of the guests in the U.S. House chamber on Tuesday night for President Trump's first address to Congress.

And like other lawmakers, he'll be bringing a special guest.

It's not because the Senator plans on being hungry during the President's address, but he will be bringing the owner of a pizza shop.

He will be joined by Steven Hill, who runs Sparano's Pizza in Columbus.

The Senator said Hill recently sent a letter to his office about the value of raising wages for workers.

Brown said if everyone pays a higher minimum wage, then money will be put back into local businesses. And that will allow Hill and other small business owners to compete better.

Hill wants to get the President's attention somehow and says people working 40 hours a week shouldn't have to rely on federal assistance.

In a joint interview with the Senator on Tuesday afternoon, Hill said, "Well, that small businesses matter and that's the backbone of the country and if you really want to make changes, you should start with small businesses."

Senator Brown added, "And I would add that the President may not notice Mr. Hill in the gallery or me on the floor of the Senate but the President is going to hear this message loud and clear, that small business drives the economy. And small business wages need to go up."

Senator Brown said he also wants to hear President Trump speak to all Americans and not just the ones who voted for him in November.

Brown made it clear that less than half of the American people voted for Trump, as Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

Trump did, however, win the electoral college race that helped him claim the Presidency.

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