Kroger talks new Monroe St. store, says Andersons' building not an option

Kroger talks new Monroe St. store, says Andersons' building not an option
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With a meeting coming up March 15, Kroger representatives addressed concerns over the proposed plan to build a new store.

In 2015, Toledo City Council voted 'no' to Kroger's request to rezone the Sisters of Notre Dame land and build a new grocery store, moving shoppers at the Monroe Street location just a street over.

They're trying the process again, and Tuesday answered questions in the lobby of the current Monroe Street location.

Lindsey Taylor, Kroger's real estate manager, says they are reducing the areas set aside for other development and preserving more than two acres of green space.

"You can see that on the renderings now," said Taylor. "We wanted to bring that site plan to life so the community can see exactly what they'd be getting."

Taylor says they have looked at other options, but that the plots are too small.

She adds that moving to the Andersons' building on Talmadge Road isn't an option either.

"It serves a different customer base," said Taylor. "We do a number of customer analytics to study who shops at this store today, and that would be abandoning a large portion of that customer base."

Taylor says they have parties interested in buying the existing Monroe Street grocery store.

Mike Davis, Monroe Street Kroger store manager, says the new store would allow for more safety in the parking lot and create about 125 jobs.

"It would be an incredible opportunity for this community," said Davis.

Members of the Toledo Plan Commission voted against Kroger's revised new plan Feb. 9, 2017 for several reasons, one of them being traffic.

A traffic impact study done recently concluded people wait too long at the Monroe Street and Secor Road light.

Andrew Gardner, Kroger's civil engineer, says there are several things they are doing to reduce traffic issues if they open a new store at that intersection.

That includes adding a traffic light at the store's main entrance on Monroe Street and improving signal time on the traffic light at Secor and Monroe to help with left turns.

"We are also adding a right-turn lane on Secor Road into our site to mitigate traffic from stacking up into the intersection of Monroe and Secor," said Gardner.

According to a plan commission meeting report, members say Kroger's plans do not factor in all possible traffic issues, like traffic from the reuse of the existing Monroe Street Kroger store.

In about two weeks, members of Toledo City Council's 'Zoning and Planning committee' will vote on how they feel about the plan, before a full city council has the final say.

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