Sandusky County Sheriff to propose a county special response team

Sandusky County Sheriff to propose a county special response team

SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Sandusky County currently has only one tactical law enforcement unit.

That's the Fremont Police SWAT Team.

But now, Sheriff Hilton wants to establish a county-wide Special Response Team to have local officers respond to local incidents.

After an incident last month where the Bellevue Police Department had to call in the Erie County Special Response Team, Sheriff Chris Hilton told local police chiefs he wanted to create a similar team for his county.

The manpower of the team would be made up of officers from all six police departments and the sheriff's office.

The benefit of the local team is the officers on the team have a vested interest and personal knowledge of their community.

"No matter where we go, somebody is going to know the area, somebody's going to know the people, somebody's going to know somebody," Sheriff Hilton said. "So those things, you know, being a home grown organizations, a home grown SRT Team is going to benefit us."

The team would be trained by Sheriff's Deputy Major Nick Kotsopoulos, who helped form the Erie County Special Response Team.

Sheriff Hilton says smaller communities like the ones in Sandusky County benefit from collaborating rather than going alone.

"If it was just the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office team or the Fremont PD Team, the gr ant funding is significantly less. When you regionalize and do those things, the gr ant funding becomes a little easier to get," Hilton said.

Sheriff Hilton will bring the proposal before the six county police chiefs and the county prosecutor at tomorrow's County Police Chief's Association meeting.

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