President Donald Trump to address Congress

President Donald Trump to address Congress

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - President Donald Trump will address Congress for the first time Tuesday night since taking office.

Political Science chair at the University of Toledo, Sam Nelson says, the speech is President Trump's opportunity to show Congress that he's willing to work with them.

"If there's gonna be any successes for him, he's gotta work with Congress," said Nelson.

Nelson says the President's speech will also be the first chance for Americans to see how he'll interact with lawmakers, and what we might see coming out of the White House and Congress the next few months.

Topics Nelson expects Mr. Trump to talk about include immigration, infrastructure, and budget.

"He's talking about a 10 percent increase in defense spending, something like $54 billion to be paid for in $54 billion in cuts to discretionary spending," said Nelson, "That means cutting spending to lots of popular programs."

Which may not go over well with members of Congress.

Some students WTOL 11 talked to ahead of the speech had mixed opinions on how well the President is doing so far in his first month and a half in office, but they all agreed, he should show he's willing to work with lawmakers.

"He needs to show Congress, 'this is what I want to get done. I need you guys to support me on this and I need you guys to support me as much as I'm gonna support you.," said UT student Sean Eirons.

"During the election, I feel like that's the most important time to show your best side and he didn't really do that, so it'll be interesting to see what side of him we see in Congress tonight," said Stephanie Villella, UT student.

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