Leader of JCC says threats will not intimidate Jewish community

Leader of JCC says threats will not intimidate Jewish community

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - Last month, a threat was called into the YMCA-JCC in the Sylvania Township.

The JCC says the threat was a learning experience.

They say they want to move forward with fear or intimidation, despite the national trend.

"We will not be intimidated by this," said Joel Marcovitch, CEO Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo. "We will continue to live our life."

Members of the YMCA JCC have not stopped working out or dropping off their kids for programs.

Communication between staff and members has been key since a fake bomb threat was called into the center in January.

That was just one of a many other threats being called into Jewish centers in the U.S.

"The concern is always the 'what if,' but we planned with local law enforcement and constantly review safety plans with staff," Marcovitch said. "And, of course, safety of our members is paramount its our number one concern."

Marcovitch hopes that the relationship between the Jewish and Christian communities in Sylvania Township will inspire similar communities across the country.

"This is an example of what is right in America. This is an example of how to stand in the face of what's going on nationally," Marcovitch said. "We are not going to be divided."

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