Superintendent's task force making tough decisions for Sylvania Schools

Superintendent's task force making tough decisions for Sylvania Schools

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - With a redistricting plan on the table, Sylvania School officials are working to find the best solution for you and your child, but that doesn't come easy.

While difficult, Sylvania school officials say they have to tackle the issue of a growing district.

They created a Superintendent's task force to help with the redistricting options. They say they are working, listening and won't stop until they make the best decision for the everyone

Kids within Sylvania Schools could be sent to a new school for the 2018-2019 school year due to redistricting.

"A lot of the things that we talk about within these walls and out in the community is that this is a long-term plan for growth and also what is best for our kids and our families," said Amanda Ogren, principal at McCord Junior High School and a task force member.

The task force is made up of 25 administrators, parents and teachers from across the district.

They meet once a week to discuss the now two options for their school's future.

"The task force was put together to be able to create a better venue for public opinion," explained Adam Fineske, executive director of teaching and learning for Sylvania Schools and leader of the task force. "We chose folks that represented all the areas of the district in order to give equal representation to each area and then encourage those folks, part of their job is to be out in the community listening, talking and gaining the feedback to bring back to the table."

Task force members discuss pros and cons to the options for redistricting as well as share what they are hearing from those in the community.

Amanda Ogren is a principal at McCord Junior High and on the task force, she says she understands the fear some are experiencing.

"I do get the fear because it could impact my own family, it could impact my McCord family," explained Ogren. "I just think it's helpful for people to see and hear that, 'Yeah I worry about that too, I would miss them.' It's just so they know that you're not taking it lightly."

While some want to see the in-depth details of the two options, leaders of the task force say it's conceptual for now.

"Right now, it's really just sticking to the concepts and trying to kind of gauge what the community is willing to grasp onto and more forward with and that's the goal now," said Adam Fineske. "Maps and boundaries those will come later."

The Superintendent's task force will present their research and work at the school board meeting on March 13th.

After that, another survey will be released for public input before they make their recommendation to the board at the end of April. They hope to have a decision by May.

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