Montpelier's tap water named best in the world

Montpelier's tap water named best in the world

MONTPELIER, OH (WTOL) - Not all tap water is created equal, but many say it hardly ever tastes good.

But Montpelier may have the best tasting tap water in the world according to the 27th annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition.

More than 100 waters sourced from 19 states, 5 Canadian provinces and 10 foreign countries were judged.

The water is judges on appearance, aroma, taste and after taste.

While it is a high honor, Waster Treatment Supervisor Matt Peters said it is not a shock.

"We've won 4, actually we just won a gold medal for the state," Peters said.

One of the important factors is Montpelier uses a ground water plant. Then they 'soften,' or process, the water.

"If you drink 'hard water,' it would be like drinking well water or what a lot of people call country water," Peters said. "This removes a lot of that taste."

The quality of the water is now a point of pride for the small village.

"It is something the community kinda looks at and it's something they can brag about," Peters said. "For a town for 4,300 people, we can say we are successful in the best water in the world."

At one point, Montpelier even bottled their water, but high costs did not make that profitable.

But the village can still enjoy the best water in the world.

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