Toledo schools up security as alleged rapist still loose

Toledo schools up security as alleged rapist still loose

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - An alleged Toledo rapist is still in the community Monday.

Several Toledo public schools and charter schools are within the area where two teenage girls say a man was standing in an alley when he grabbed them and raped them a few weeks ago.

Police say the first assault happened in an alley off Park Street by Lagrange.

The second happened in an alley off Hudson Street near Elm.

"That situation is concerning," said Brian Murphy, Toledo Public Schools deputy superintendent. "It would be concerning to any community."

Murphy says since they heard about the rapes, they have increased security at schools in the neighborhood and sent information to school leaders as a precaution.

"We talk about making sure that students travel in groups if they walk to and from school, if they're walking - if they're waiting at a bus stop, that they're waiting in groups of five or more students," said Murphy. "That they're walking together and can protect themselves."

Murphy says they'll keep security in the neighborhoods near the alleged attacks when kids are traveling to and from school.

"We'll do that as long as we need to, and we'll provide the necessary support to ensure the community feels comfortable," said Murphy.

Imagine Clay Avenue Community School says the safety of their students is also a priority. They have a K-3 school in the area.

In a statement from Julie McLaughlin, principal, she says they sent home a letter to the parents with the picture of the alleged rapist and are sending a phone notification to parents Monday to inform them of the attacks.

They're also encouraging parents to have their students walk with an adult or older sibling and they conducted a campus security check.

Police say the girls, 13 and 14, did not go to the same school.

Although it's unclear where they attend school, it's believed they are not TPS students.

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