Toledo Zoo weighs in on NY giraffe's live-feed birth

Toledo Zoo weighs in on NY giraffe's live-feed birth

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A giraffe at a New York zoo is gaining a lot of attention, as her baby's birth is being live streamed over the internet.

The giraffe, named April, is at the Animal Adventure Park. You can watch her give birth here.

"The gestation period is about 400 to 430 days," said Terry Webb, with the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium.

That's no tall tale.

Webb says giraffes really are pregnant for that long, and when it's time to deliver, it's a big baby.

"The smallest giraffe birth I've been associated with was a female, and she was five-feet tall and 88 pounds at birth," said Webb. "The largest I was associated with was a male. He was almost 7-feet tall and 130 pounds."

Webb says giraffes give birth standing up, and that as long as the surface is something like dirt, the baby giraffes are just fine falling to the ground.

He says in 20 to 30 minutes, they should be on their feet.

"After the first several hours, they should be able to run," said Webb.

While the Animal Adventure Park is live-streaming April's delivery, Webb say he hesitates to do that in Toledo because just like any delivery, there could be complications.

"I would have some caution about doing a live feed just because you never know what might happen in a live situation," said Webb.

Still, you can see the giraffes 'live' at the Toledo Zoo.

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