Ottawa County township files lawsuit against dumping at local quarry

Ottawa County township files lawsuit against dumping at local quarry

OTTAWA COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A lawsuit filed by Benton Township in Ottawa County has led to a temporary restraining order against a development company that wants to dump lime waste into a old quarry there.

For the last few years, Rocky Ridge development has been working on a plan to develop the area around the old Stone Co. quarry near Graytown.

As part of that plan they have been using a mixture of soil spent lime from the Toledo Water Treatment plant to fill in the area.

But residents here who are opposed to the dumping are worried, saying the lime waste contains multiple heavy metals that could eventually taint their well water.

"And we're concerned because our aquifer, which provides water to the wetlands and to Lake Erie and to all of our wells here in Benton Township, our aquifer passes through that porous rock quarry," said Richard Loth, member of the group Benton Township Quarry Dumping Opposition.

Loth lives less than two miles away from the quarry.

Last week, the township and the Ottawa County prosecutor filed a lawsuit against Rocky Ridge, claiming the spent lime should be considered an industrial waste.

If the claim is proven true, it would be a violation of the township code.

Because of the lawsuit, a judge ordered all dumping to cease until the case can move forward.

"We think that this is a waste material. So, what we're trying to do is stop waster from being dumped in our township," said Benton Township trustee Wes Gahler.

A representative from Rocky Ridge said the group had been operating with an EPA license for years and has been acting within EPA guidelines.

A hearing has been set for the lawsuit on March 7th.

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