Organization saves teenage girls from sex trafficking

Organization saves teenage girls from sex trafficking

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A University of Toledo math teacher is putting up a fight against sex trafficking.

Jeff Wilbarger founded The Daughter Project in 2008 to help survivors of sex trafficking have a chance at a future.

The team behind The Daughter Project built a home where teen victims of sex trafficking can go to recover.

"When I learned that there are young girls in the United States and even in our own community, some as young as 12, even eleven or ten years old being physically and sexually abused by traffickers, I couldn't sleep well at night knowing that was taking place and not doing something about it," Wilbarger said.

The house can hold six girls at a time. The house is geared for girls between 10 and 17.

It is Ohio's first licensed recovery home for teen survivors.

So far, The Daughter Project has given 14 girls another chance at a normal life.

"We provide everything for them: physical and sexual abuse counseling, accredited educational services, life and social skills training, and then recreational opportunities," Wilbarger said. "They've been to the Lights at the Zoo and Cedar Point, doing the things that little girls are supposed to be doing."

Wilbarger hopes to spread the word about the home to reach and help as many teens as possible.

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