Money Talks News: March deals and duds

(Money Talks News) - Every month, Money Talks News gives you the best deals and duds out at the stores.

And as spring approaches, there a plenty of good buys and bad deals for the month March.

With Valentine's Day now over, you can find several deals on leftover chocolate.

And did you know March is National Frozen Food Month?

You can find good deals on frozen food in supermarket all month depending on where you shop.

And speaking of freezing, you can also find hot deals on cold weather clothes as spring approaches.

So what are some of the things you should avoid buying this month?

Even though Valentine's Day is over, it is not quite the time to buy lingerie.

Deal News says the better time for lingerie is June and July when Victoria's Secret holds its semi-annual sale.

Also it is a good idea to wait on spring clothing.

Bargains for spring clothes will come later in the season.

Looking for a new phone? Hold off for a little longer.

New phones are about to be rolled out which means older models will be much cheaper in a couple months.

For more deals and duds in March or any month, head to the Money Talks News website and search for "Deals."

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