Portion of Fort Meigs closed for road widening until June

Portion of Fort Meigs closed for road widening until June

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - The 120-day Fort Meigs Road widening construction project begins Monday, closing off about a mile stretch from Five Point Road to Roachton Road.

It's a city of Perrysburg project, but is being administered by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

It was originally set to begin last week, but due to the President's Day holiday, it was pushed back.

"Originally the contract was set up to be complete in a 120-day closure in the fall of 2016 and then it was set up for the spring of 2017 for the second 120-day closure. We've condensed that to a one 120-day closure and it's expected, weather allowing, June 23rd to be completed," said Morgan Montgomery from Vernon Nagel Incorporated, the contractor behind the project.

Dr. Michael Short, the principal at Perrysburg High School, which partially sits on Fort Meigs Road, said although it will serve as an inconvenience for some of the students and faculty that usually take the road to get to school, the widening project is necessary.

"It's a very narrow road. It scares me every time I go down there in the winter. So yeah, I'm really pleased it's taking place. The city's been great to work with. When they widened the northern section of Fort Meigs, we had a lot of notice on it," Dr. Short said.

According to Dr. Short, it should not affect a vast majority of students that get dropped off or drive themselves.

The bus routes may only get delayed by a few minutes in the morning. The Transportation Department at Perrysburg City Schools said they've been aware of this project for about a year now and have been prepared for it.

"As we go through the construction project, our biggest concern is being informed about what's happening and the city has done a great job with that. And we try to relay that as quickly as we can and as thoroughly as we can to our students," Dr. Short said. "Not all of them pay attention to what we say, but they all end up dealing with the problem."

Students and staff are not the only ones who will be rerouted for the next four months.

The entrance to Rivers Edge Neighborhood sits right on Fort Meigs Road, and residents aren't sure how they should be getting in and out.

"We haven't heard anything, at all, from anybody really," Sharon Mouch, a Rivers Edge resident said. What we are supposed to be doing?"

There is a small utility entrance onto Five Point Road.

"It's full of ruts and such as that," Mouch said. "And, I think they did lay a little bit of gravel just this morning."

A representative from Vernon Nagle, the contractor on the project, said they did lay gravel this morning.

They do not plan to pave the road, and everyone living in the neighborhood is being asked to go in and out of this single lane construction entrance.

As for the neighbors with homes actually on Fort Meigs, the Nagle representative says, they might have to redirect them during the 4 month project, but they will always be able to get home.

A clarification, some neighbors told WTOL they hadn't heard yet.

The project is set to be completed in June of 2017.

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