Toledo bar raising money for victims of Woodlands Apartment fire

Toledo bar raising money for victims of Woodlands Apartment fire
Tion Brown, Vaneta and Danae Davis (Source: WTOL)
Tion Brown, Vaneta and Danae Davis (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It hasn't been a good start to 2017 for Vaneta Davis, her daughter Danae and Tion Brown.

They survived the ordeal of a lifetime.

"The worst thing was not knowing what was going on inside my apartment. I was not able to get at it," said Vaneta.

On January 15th, fire ravaged the Woodlands Apartment complex off Heatherdowns Boulevard where Vaneta, Danae and Tion lived.

Three adults and a child died in the fire.

Thirty families lost all or most of everything they owned and have been forced to find new homes.

"I think just basically all the different families were all so close. Everybody splitting up and going our separate ways was pretty difficult for us," said Danae.

On Saturday night, Mulvaney's Irish Bunker held a fundraiser for the fire victims.

A portion of drink and dinner tabs was donated to the families.

There was also an auction and raffle.

"I've never seen a city come together to make sure everybody was okay throughout the whole process as far as donating back to everyone in the city," said Mr. Brown.

The fire remains  under investigation.

Chief Luis Santiago doesn't know if he'll ever learn the cause.

"We've gotten all the evidence we're going to get. Talked to all the people able to speak to. But still can't pinpoint it down to one particular thing," said Chief Santiago.

Mulvaney's has set up a GoFundMe account for the victims.

Clothing, home goods and personal hygiene products can also be d ropped off at the bar.

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