Schools take precautions to protect fans in case of bad weather on Big Board Friday

Schools take precautions to protect fans in case of bad weather on Big Board Friday

. - With a combination of severe weather and high school basketball, schools were preparing for the worst on Friday night.

With the memory of a 2010 tornado in the minds of several at the last regular season basketball game for Genoa vs. Lake, many in attendance were checking their phones for the weather.

"With all the social media, the apps, looking on your phone constantly checking the weather we feel safe," said Bambi Turner, a mom of both a Lake and Genoa student.

"I'm not too worried about it," said Matthew Bradfield who has three sons on Genoa's varsity basketball team. "I have the WTOL app on my phone and we're ready for our Friday night basketball and to have some fun."

With a gym full of fans for senior night, a rivalry match-up and what could be a chance for Genoa to claim the league title, school officials were making plans to keep them safe.

They said this is the first time they have had to create a plan for a basketball game.

"We're just trying to stay focused on what is important tonight," said Mike Ferguson, superintendent at Genoa Schools. "Obviously, the safety is what's important the game is secondary, as I said before, you can play a game anytime we just want to make sure that everybody has a good time and is safe and gets home safe at the end of the night."

Genoa kept a close eye on the forecast and worked out the details for evacuation from the gym to safe rooms for everyone in attendance at the game.

They also made an announcement for fans during the game. But despite the weather, fans were excited to cheer on their team.

"I'm calling an upset alright," said Marty Pennington, a senior at Lake High School.  "Lake's going to win. Let's go with 54 to 49. You heard that here first."

Marty's prediction was wrong as Genoa went on to win 61-38 in their first league championship since 2008.

The game went on without any weather incidents.

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