Students show off innovative creations at Freshman Entrepreneur Expo

Students show off innovative creations at Freshman Entrepreneur Expo
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Engineering students at the University of Toledo showed off their creations Friday at the Freshman Entrepreneur Expo.

Among the inventions was the Scrubby Buddy.

Student Daniel Lepsky says it can help those who have trouble in the shower.

"We started off working on a back scrubber," Lepsky. "You suction cup into your wall in the shower and rub your back up against it. It helps for people who can't reach their back, the elderly, mobility impaired."

Another of the inventions is the breath activated inhaler.

Unlike a conventional inhaler, the user does not have to press on the canister to make it work.

Caroline Kraft says there is a great need for this inhaler.

"Because right now when people breathe in and don't time it perfectly, they actually waste a lot of medicine and not getting the full dosage to help lungs," Kraft said.

Not everything at the expo has a practical use.

Sean Dunphy showed off his robotic t-shirt canister, which he hopes can take the place of the t-shirt gun.

"[It] has a camera so it can see where it's going and it decides where it wants to go on it's own," Dunphy said. "So we just drive it out on the field and let it go. It chooses where it wants to go."

There is also an electric skateboard, developed by Garreth Coine.

"The world needs an electric skateboard because walking is way too slow when I need to get to class and it's a twenty-minute walk all the way to engineering," Coine said.

Many of the items were on sale from the enterprising inventors.

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