Warm weather has trees, plants and flowers "thinking" spring

Warm weather has trees, plants and flowers "thinking" spring
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

HOLLAND, OH (WTOL) - You might be a little confused by the warm February weather, but how do you think the plants feel?

Your flower beds could be greener than you expected for this time of year.

Daffodils are coming up much earlier than normal at Nature's Corner at Glass City Landscape in Holland.

Even the experts there can't stop mother nature from doing her thing.

It's usually late March before we see blooming like this.

We found a crocus that was in full bloom, brightening up the entrance to the store.

Jenny Amstutz, with Nature's Corner, also showed us a Cornelian Cherry Dogwood and its yellow flowers that are starting to bloom.

"These flower buds on here are still pretty tight so the cold weather coming, I think that these plants are going to be just fine," said Amstutz, pointing out a different Dogwood.

She said early blooming is nothing to panic about, because the plants you see coming up already are built to tolerate the cold weather ahead and will continue to grow.

Amstutz says you can kick a little mulch over your tulips to protect them from frost or cover up plants you invested more money on with a breathable cloth or frost tarp.

"The plant will be fine, especially an established plant. As it starts to push out, you might see a little black or tinged look on the flowers as they come out, but the plant itself will still leaf out and it will still be just fine," said Amstutz.

If you have the itch for gardening, don't get too eager and plant things or fertilize your lawn.

Instead, you can rake leftover leaves on your grass or put down fresh mulch.

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