Toledo supportive of refugees, says local group

Toledo supportive of refugees, says local group

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With job training, cultural orientation and book drives for kids, 'Us Together' is all about helping refugees get settled in Toledo. Us Together leaders say the community has been very supportive.

Located on West Central Ave in the Westgate Village, Us Together is helping more than 200 refugees.

So far in February, program director Corine Dehabey says they have had three refugees specifically from Syria.

Dehabey says the refugees are doing really well, although they have a lot to overcome, such as the language barrier and culture shock.

She says Toledoans have been very receptive.

"We're getting more contact now; they wanted to help, more volunteering. You hear bad comments here and there, of course, negative comments, but the majority are very welcoming," said Dehabey. "They want to do something, they want to welcome the community - the refugees- and everything is fine, here in Toledo."

Dehabey says when refugees arrive, they have to completely start over and so her team is always looking for monetary donations and volunteers.

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