Detroit party for Syrian refugees this Saturday

Detroit party for Syrian refugees this Saturday

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Syrian refugees are being thrown a big party Saturday night in Detroit and the public is invited.

'Shock the World,' described on their Facebook page as 'a social injustice movement,' wants to start a revolution of people caring about other people.

"We wanna show the refugees that 'Hey, there are people that care,'" said Roger Snelling, who helped organize the party. "We also wanna show people that that you can make a difference."

Snelling is cooking for the party, which kicks off at 7 p.m. at an Airbnb loft in Detroit.

"Thirty pounds of, like, beef, and I guess 20 pounds of chicken, yeah," said Snelling.

Snelling says along with food, there will be speakers, live music and welcome kits for the refugees.

The kits have things like soap and toothbrushes.

"That has a lot of those like necessary, like everyday things for starting in a house, or starting in a bathroom, or just personal hygiene etc.," said Snelling.

They are also looking for clothing donations.

Snelling says he knows that this event is controversial.

For example, he says someone who heard about the party asked him why there wasn't a party for veterans?

"We love all people, you know what I mean? And our thing is like, it's not just specifically refugees, if there's a cause, it's just one cause that we're doing right now, you know? We're just here to love people, you know, show that we care, show that we can make a change to people," said Snelling.

Click here for information about the party or the list of what to put in a welcome kit.

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