Law enforcement analyzes warm weather crime increase

Law enforcement analyzes warm weather crime increase

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Officers at the Toledo police department that analyze crime data and pattern are putting together the numbers. This is so they will be able to compare this warm winter week to last year's cold winter week.

Toledo Police officers expect their summer months on the job to be busier then when it's cold out. And this year they learned if it feels like summer in the middle of winter, crime will spike.

"When you have the nicer weather more people are out more people have contact you are going to have crime especially with violence we will have more issues with that," said Joe Heffernan, Toledo Police Department.

And there have been several instances of violent crime in Toledo just this week  including three homicides since last Thursday.

And on the department's crime logs this week it shows that police responded to several robberies and assaults with guns and knives as well as reports of domestic violence.

All crimes that can happen when more people get out of their homes and outside together.

Lt. Joe Heffernan with the Toledo police department says crime is down for the start of this year compared to last.  But once they factor in this warm weather week it may be a different story.

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