Lucas County auditor lays out plan to secure gas pumps

Lucas County auditor lays out plan to secure gas pumps

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - After two gas pump skimming incidents reported in Lucas County, leaders are getting serious about protecting people filling up at the gas station.

With nearly 1,000 gas pumps in Lucas County, the Lucas County Auditor laid out her new program to secure gas pumps Thursday during a forum.

The program would reimburse gas station owners if they chose to change to newer locks before April.

Lopez says the best thing to do is to pay inside if you are worried about your information being stolen.

You can also check the seals on the pumps to see if they have been broken.

"Start paying attention to the gas stations that are actually changing their locks and putting in better security," Lopez said. "That's what today's forum is about is to create uniformity on seals and locks and raising the standard to protect citizens."

Lopez says chip readers are exceedingly expensive to install at gas pumps so that is why better locks are needed.

Lopez says she plans to publish which stations have not secured their pumps by mid-April.

However, Lopez said she cannot force any business to replace their pumps.

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