Toledo neighborhood shows concern for park crime increase

Toledo neighborhood shows concern for park crime increase

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Two teenagers were shot Wednesday night in what appears to be a quiet neighborhood surrounded by a park.

Now neighbors believe it's the park that is attracting unwanted crime.

Elizabeth has lived on Hazelhurst for over 40 years but recently she says Willys Park seems to be attracting the wrong crowd.

"I just think it is very convenient we have the park right here they can run into. I don't even think it is just this street it's this whole place you can get in and out," said Elizabeth, concerned neighbor.

Both Dottie and Elizabeth have witnessed what they believe to be drug transactions right in front of their house.

"A car turned the corner right here and threw out a needle and a spoon," said Dottie, concerned neighbor.

These women forced to pick up their lethal litter and have even asked strangers to their neighborhood what they are doing.

"I've gone out a couple times and asked who they are waiting for because I know who my neighbors are. I talk to my neighbors." said Dottie.

While we were shooting this story first responders were dispatched just a block down for a heroin overdose. And the numbers released for the Lucas County Sheriff's Dart Team show the zip code 43612 as the 2nd highest amount of overdoses in 2016.

Police still don't know the motive of this shooting. if you have any information that can help them in their investigation call crime stopper at 419-255-1111.

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