Schools prepare for possible severe weather during Friday night basketball

Schools prepare for possible severe weather during Friday night basketball

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - The gym at Perrysburg high school was empty Thursday, but with a possible NLL championship on the line Friday night, over 2,000 people are expected to fill the stands.

Along with Friday's game being the end to the regular season, it will also be senior day. That usually means a maximum capacity crowd.

The large crowd expected for the game has school officials taking extra precautions regarding Friday night's severe weather outlook.

School officials met with Perrysburg the police and fire departments to establish an evacuation plan for staff and game managers to know how to get those people out of the gym and into shelter.

"With our students, we know that they know what to do. We've trained them," said Perrysburg high school principal Dr. Michael Short. "But with the public, trying to get them on the same page and herd them in the right directions for safety, we want to make sure that we understand where we're going so that we can calmly get them to where they need to be to be safe."

School administrators know that severe weather could hit at a moments notice, which is why the principal and other officials will be monitoring weather alerts throughout the night.

And all understand that the importance of a game never outweighs the value of people's safety.

"Without a doubt, the number one priority is the safety of our student athletes and our spectators for any event. So, the bottom line is that's going to take precedent over the game." said athletic director Chuck Jaco.

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