Lucas County EMA preparing for possible severe weather

Lucas County EMA preparing for possible severe weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Normally during February, it's not thunderstorms and tornadoes are not in forecast. It's blizzards.

Before the system that is expected to bring storms to northwest Ohio, residents flocked outdoors to enjoy the sunny, springlike weather.

"This is beautiful in February for this time of year," said Luckie Hearron, who was at Middlegrounds Metropark Thursday. "Normally we are pretty much covered snow and ice."

But for the Lucas County Emergency Services, the time to prepare for the storms is now, particularly because the storm is not a blizzard.

"This is one definitely unique," said Pat Moomey, director of the Lucas County Emergency Management Agency. "We have seen it in other years past, but not in quite some time. [We are] just making sure all of our policies and procedures are still downstairs in place at the Sheriff's dispatch, who sets off the sirens."

EMA leaders say they check the outdoor warning sirens every month. And, all of the them were working when they were last tested a couple weeks ago.

The weather could hit during many area high school basketball games. Moomey says as the weather approaches, high schools will have to make decisions on whether or not to cancel or postpone the games.

"Definitely if a tornado warning was put into effect, they probably would move people. And they would follow each of the individual school's policies as to where they would take them," Moomey said.

Moomey says the biggest way to prepare for tomorrow is to be aware of your surroundings and to follow the weather forecasts.

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