'Pick One' program offers positive activities for kids

'Pick One' program offers positive activities for kids

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a tragic start to 2017 in Toledo. So far, three teens have died at the hands of violence.

However, there's an effort is underway to give young people an outlet and keep them out of trouble.

Hidden away in the old Secor building in downtown Toledo lives Go Get It Records.

The studio has even worked with Grammy award-winning artists.

But now, the studio's owner, David Phoenix is opening up the mic to young people, looking for a better option than what the streets have to offer.

"Let them listen to whatever track we put together and put the vocals together and create," Phoenix said.

Phoenix believes allowing the kids to come into the studio and make music helps them to release that creative energy in a positive way.

Rondell Thomas, also known as "Rocky Duh," says he feels at home in the studio.

A young man himself, he is also mentoring kids even younger, to "Pick One."

"We chose the name "Pick One" because we want the kids to actually be aware that there's negativity out there, but we want you to pick the positive," Thomas said.

The "Pick One" campaign is collaboration between the city of Toledo Youth Commission, the Arts Commission, and Go Get it Records to offer kids a way to pick positive.

It's got the attention of 15-year-old Chris Jones, who is looking forward to working in the studio.

"Sometimes you'll be scared to go to sleep because you don't know what's happening outside," Jones said.

The "Pick One" Campaign is an endeavor, made possible by people donating their time and resources to make sure kids in Toledo all have bright futures.

"We just want to do good for the city," Phoenix said. "Try to help stop the violence."

If you want to get your kids involved, call the Toledo Youth Commission at 419-245-1417.

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