VIDEO: Thousands on edge awaiting birth of baby giraffe

VIDEO: Thousands on edge awaiting birth of baby giraffe

(WTOL) - A baby giraffe watch continues at a New York zoo!

The Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY, has a live stream up on it's Facebook page allowing people to keep tabs on the park's 15-year-old giraffe April, who is awaiting a baby.

Tens of thousands of people are turned in watching April the giraffe walk around her pen and do very little else waiting until she has a baby.

The calf could be born at any second!

According to the park, this is April's fourth calf and her mate Oliver's first.

Their little bundle of joy won't actually be so little, as the calf is expected to weigh around 150 pounds and stand about six feet tall.

Poor April has been waiting more than a year for this moment, as giraffe's carry for 15 months.

The park began the live stream on Feb. 20 and garnered thousands of viewers from all over the world.

Days into the experience, a handful of extremists reported the YouTube cam as sexually explicit or nude content and then it was removed.

After a bit of backlash, the livestream was eventually put back up.

In between that time, the park did put out a Facebook live making people aware of the situation, as well as standing up for conservationism.

After the baby is born, the animal park says April will naturally raise the calf, with weaning around six to ten months. The two will be together for that period of time before the baby is re-homed.

The park says after the baby giraffe is officially born, it will hold a contest to give it a name.

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