Crowd of protesters gather outside Sen. Portman roundtable

Crowd of protesters gather outside Sen. Portman roundtable
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A group of protesters gathered at Terra State Community College where Senator Rob Portman was holding a round table discussion on the opioid epidemic in Ohio.

The protesters questioned Portman's stances on several issues during the rally, including his support of President Donald Trump.

"I haven't heard my senator say that," said protester Tom Younker. "I want to know why he doesn't come up and say, 'Trump, that is outrageous.'"

Senator Portman knew the crowd was outside and stressed he had no problem with the protesters exercising their First Amendment rights.

"I think it is perfectly appropriate for them to be there and express their views," Sen. Portman said. "I am listening."

Some of his constituents have accused Sen. Portman of dodging them, but he says it is just the opposite.

Sen. Portman said he has held two townhall meetings, and he is paying close attention to Ohioans.

"My staff gives me a report of how many phone calls we got and how many emails and what the topics were, where people are," Sen. Portman said. "That's helpful for me to hear too. And, it's a mix right now. People are fired up on both sides of a lot of these issues."

As the political climate continues to hear up, Sen. Portman said he will continue looking at everything with an independent point of view.

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