Man accused of rape a decade ago appears in court

Man accused of rape a decade ago appears in court

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Two women say they were raped by their mother's boyfriend when they were young girls and forced to lie about the abuse for decades. But now those girls are grown women and they want their attacker to pay.

After those women came forward a case was built and evidence was gathered and last week a grand jury at the Lucas County courthouse indicted David Jensen on four courts of rape and two counts of gross sexual imposition.

Jensen was already a registered sex offender and has served time in prison for child pornography. Now over 10 years since that conviction he's back in front of a judge.

"The girls they are adults and they want to seek justice for what happened to them when they were under five," said Jennifer Reed, prosecuting attorney.

Court Documents show the alleged sexual abuse and rape of the two girls happened back in 1992 when Jensen was the victims' caretaker while their mother went to work.

It's unknown what triggered the victims to come forward but the prosecution feels this is a strong case that can be tried even after all this time.

"There have been admission on the part of Mr. Jensen on what happened and the girls have a very good memory of what happened," said Reed, prosecuting attorney.

Jensen's attorney requested his client be released from jail until the trial on an OR bond because of some health issues.  But because this is a serious case and Jensen could face life in prison if convicted the judge set his bond at $400,000.

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