Popular YouTube channel visits Toledo for some Jeep off-roading

Popular YouTube channel visits Toledo for some Jeep off-roading

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Two daredevils got a chance to visit the place where the well-known off-roader Jeep has been built for 75 years.

Host Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle visited Toledo on an episode of Dirt Every Day to see if they could find a place to do some urban off-roading in their newly pumped up Jeep.58

Dirt Every Day is an online show on the Motor Trend YouTube Channel that follows Fred Williams on thrilling off-roading adventures.

On this recently-aired episode, Williams and Dave Chappelle first spent time in Brighton, MI, which is around 50 miles northwest of Detroit, to get some work down on their JK Wrangler Unlimited.

The two spent three days at Diversified Creations to make sure the Jeep was conditioned enough for the Toledo terrain.

After the men completed a quick test of their newly-erected Jeep it was time to make the trip to the Glass City.

Williams first suggested they stop to get some well-known grub. Can you guess where?

That's right. Tony Packo's.

Then it was really time for some Jeep action.

Williams took Chappelle over to the Toledo Complex where workers have been pumping out Jeeps day and night for dozens of years.

But since there are no off-roading opportunities there, they two headed to Willys-Overland Industrial Park, where just one smokestack from the original Jeep factory remains. However, more buildings are now being constructed on the site where all new parts for the Wrangler will be made.

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the men as soon the land will be all built up.

Despite the freezing temperatures, the doors came off the 4x4 and the two ran rampant throughout the complex and gave a good name to off-roading in Jeep's birthplace.

For more information on Dirt Every Day, you visit the Facebook page, and for previous episodes, head to the Motor Trend YouTube channel.

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