Guest Editorial: GenoaBank supports local businesses

As a locally, owned community bank, we lend strength to our communities by helping local businesses grow and succeed.

At GenoaBank, we love small businesses.

Small businesses remain the backbone of this country and become cornerstones of their community - with business owners working harder than ever. At GenoaBank, we take pride in supporting the responsible growth and prosperity of the local businesses that help to fuel the economic success of Northwest Ohio. We believe in reinvesting in the neighborhoods that we live in, work, and play.

Hi, I am Marty Sutter, President of GenoaBank.

We are committed to supporting small businesses and exemplify what a community bank should be.

When consumers patronize local businesses, they are essentially giving money back to their local community. Many small businesses are not only owned, but also managed on the ground by the owner.  Those people are invested in building relationships with community members. These days, shopping is as much about the product that you are buying as it is about the relationships and transaction at the shop.

Small businesses give a town a sense of community. When you walk into a GenoaBank branch, we know your name. You get a sense of family. Local, community banking, the kind we provide, is built on something sturdier.  It's the foundation for a lifelong partnership, where the interests of all parties are valued. Ours is a bond nurtured through a lifetime of service, whether volunteering at a school fundraiser or spearheading a revitalization of downtown Main Street, Genoa.

When you walk into a small business, you can share with them and they share with you. Shop your local farmers, craftsmen, antique dealers - shop locally.

GenoaBank, taking your banking needs personally.