Sisters of Notre Dame set record straight on Kroger plans for Secor Rd.

Sisters of Notre Dame set record straight on Kroger plans for Secor Rd.

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Tired of rumors circulating about the Sisters of Notre Dame and their proposed deal with Kroger, the Sisters set the record straight Tuesday.

The proposed plan is Kroger will buy the Sisters of Notre Dame property on Secor Rd. and build a new grocery store, shutting down the other Kroger next store on Monroe Street.

Sister Delores Gatliff says one of the biggest rumors is that they rejected several other offers to pursue a deal with Kroger.

She says that's simply not true.

"Kroger was the only viable option," said Sister Delores.

She says there was other interest, but nothing concrete and no plan that would lay out exactly what the space would become. Certainty is something Sisters Delores says they need.

"Because of Notre Dame and Maria Early Learning Center, we need to protect those children, that's what our mission is," said Sister Delores.

Following assessments, Sister Delores says renovating the buildings would be too expensive and that the most cost effective option is to tear them down.

"If someone were to walk through our Provincial Center building now, they would see that there is much upkeep needed. We've maintained well, but it's an old building. We're working on one boiler now," said Sister Delores.

She says another inaccuracy is that the property doesn't need to be rezoned.

Right now it's zoned for single-family residential use and Kroger is looking to get it rezoned for commercial use.

"No one has come forward to say they want to build single-family residences on this property so most other uses for this property would demand rezoning," said Sister Delores.

Members of Toledo's Plan Commission make recommendations to members of Toledo City Council on zoning and planning changes within the city and they just voted against the store.

City council's zoning and planning committee will talk about the plan March 15 at 4 p.m. at One Government Center.

"We've been moving forward with trust and God and in people that the best option is going to come forward," said Sister Delores.

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