Fostoria commission continuing to fight fiscal emergency

Fostoria commission continuing to fight fiscal emergency

FOSTORIA, OH (WTOL) - The Fostoria City Council received updated information Tuesday night on the city's current fiscal emergency status.

Last May, the State Auditor's Office placed the city of Fostoria on fiscal emergency status.

Since then, the city and the Financial Planning and Supervision Commission have been trying to figure out how to get the city's budget back in the green.

The commission met for the first time in August. It comprised of Mayor Keckler, three local businessmen appointed by Governor John Kasich and a representative from both the state auditor's and treasurer's offices.

In December, Fostoria's city council passed an emergency plan the administration put together.

The plan consists of a six mil property tax increase and quarter percent income tax hike.

But after the council had also approved a plan phasing out of Fostoria resident tax credits for working outside the city, the commission voting against the emergency plan.

According to the Findlay Courier, the city council was presented Tuesday night with four options to solving the crisis.

The first three were property tax increases, including the six mil property tax increase. The other two were increases of four and five mils.

The last option called for the city to lay off 15 employees including six police officers and five firefighters.

The last option is thought to be the least popular among the council.

After approving one of the plans, the Financial Planning and Supervision Commission will make the final decision.

If one of the levies are approved, the voters will make the final decision on November 7, however the layoffs will not need voter approval.

If voter reject a proposed levy, the city will begin downsizing on January 1.

A representative from the state Office of Budget Management said it will be in the committee's hands on March 29th.

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