Sandusky County groups can apply for mental health funding

Sandusky County groups can apply for mental health funding

SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Money from a Sandusky County mental health levy is available for any group, big or small, to help fund their programs tied to mental health or opiate addiction.

This year, more than $780,000 is available through the Sandusky County Mental Health Levy.

The five-year levy, passed in 2014, was designed to offer a varying amount of funds for local groups to offer mental health or addiction services to Sandusky County residents.

With federal and state funding, tighter restrictions limit who can receive those funds.

But Mircea Handru, director of the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Seneca, Sandsuky, and Wyandot counties says the county money has fewer limitations, meaning anyone from a church to a single individual, can think more outside of the box.

"It is very important. Sometimes smaller organizations, they sometimes know the need even better, or they know the community even better," Handru said. "So we will be open for all of them to come and apply. Show us a proposal, show us how they can help the well-being of our residents."

The deadline to apply is March 10.

The board hopes to renew the levy in 2019.

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