Parents and players react to story of rowdy parents at athletic events

Parents and players react to story of rowdy parents at athletic events

(WTOL) - WTOL has gotten responses from across the country on our story about high school officials walking away from the game because of the way parents are acting.

Out of Bounds: Parents' actions in the stands hurting the integrity of the game

With basketball season wrapping up, many parents are continuing to put pressure on their child performing on the court. Even if it actually hurts their athlete's future.

Thom Dartt runs Perfect Fit Athletic Recruiting, a recruiting service in northwest Ohio. He's also spends time as an official, and he hears from these coaches firsthand.

"When I got in the car after my game, I had a voicemail, and it was that coach saying, we're not recruiting this kid anymore, we're pulling the scholarship," said Dartt.

No matter how good of an athlete, they say it's not worth it to deal with verbally abrasive parents.

"He could be a great player and we think he is, we think he could maybe step in and start, but their parents would be cancerous to our program, and we can't have that," Dartt said.

Some parents say, when someone is acting out, they feel uncomfortable. Some are left without a way to respond.

Parent Rich Ellet said, "Nothing we just pretty much let them act out and then talk about it later."

While not all parents stand up, the players on the court notice the ones that do.

One of those players is Skylar Long.

"You should sit down because they can kick you out at any time," Long said.

Skylar Long knows her mom only wants her to succeed, but when she has to tell her to calm down at halftime, it leaves her questioning some nights if she wants her in the stands.

"Yes and no, I want her to come because I love the family support but she needs to know when to say something and when not to"," Long said.

At the end of the day, parents want the best for their kids, and referees to make the right call.

"Good hustle out of the officials, I like to see an official get in good position to make the calls whether I agree with the call or not. Are they in the right place to make the call?" said Ellet.

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