Aligning a way to avoid sickness

Aligning a way to avoid sickness

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Chances are you or someone around you has been sick this season.

In fact, the CDC said the flu vaccine for this season reduced your chances of getting sick by only 48 percent. So, if you are looking to avoid the bug what else can you do?

When you think of avoiding sickness this season, you may not think to make an appointment with a chiropractor.

While they don't hand you medicine, doctors believe it can help you stay healthy.

It's a different way to avoid getting sick.

While others may get vaccines, or take medicine, some say making an appointment at their chiropractor is just what they need to elude the flu.

"Yeah," said patient Makaila Dartt. "I think[getting adjusted] makes me feel a lot better because I don't like the big antibiotics and all the other stuff."

"It helps a lot and I don't get as sick as I used too," said patient Aleena Simpson. "Actually when I am sick, it only lasts for about a few days."

Chiropractors like Doctor Schraw's main focus is to keep your nervous system free of interference and let the body heal itself.

They believe aligning your spine can help avoid the common cold.

"If you compromise or interfere with the nervous system, you compromise the immune system as well as you compromise every system in the body," explained Dr. Herb Schraw. "So, by keeping the nervous system free of interference through adjusting the spine, making sure that we don't have that nerve interference then the body can function at an optimal level."

Through analysis, doctors can adjust the spine and eliminate the interference.

While it won't necessarily prevent you from sickness, doctors say it does allow your body to function properly.

"We're not sick because we have a lack of drugs in our system, so by adding drugs doesn't get us well," said Dr. Schraw. "It may cover up symptoms, but it doesn't get us well. The way we get and stay well is by having a free flowing nervous system, good rest, good exercise and good nutrition."

Dr. Shraw says doing all of these together will help you to stay healthy.

As some choose to see their chiropractor to avoid getting sick others suggest you can take natural supplements to avoid
a bug this season.

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